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LaserBlaze is a new virtual reality puzzle game made for Oculus Quest. The game consists of several levels. In each level, you have one or more lasers that you need to manipulate and direct to their respective receivers. You can reflect the lasers to change direction, split the laser into multiple beams, change laser colours, and more — all in virtual reality.

  • More than 50 levels split into 4 tiers by difficulty and more in the works
  • Interactive tutorial to learn the basics
  • Gradually increasing difficulty of levels to tease your brain
  • Made for Oculus Quest - optimized for performance, perfect for cable-free room-scale
  • Innovative VR-optimized controls and gameplay
  • Multiple comfort settings available - standing/sitting/room-scale, smooth movement or teleport, tunnel vision, adjustable movement speed. Don't fight the game, fight the levels!


At the moment, the game is a fully playable finished product, featuring several levels of various difficulty, putting the gameplay time at around 7 to 12 hours (based on how good you are). Moreover, additional levels and whole new game mechanics are in the works. I will support the game and improve it now and in the future. I aim to double the number of levels in the game in the following months, introduce whole new game mechanics to freshen the game experience and make it possible to introduce even more sophisticated and complex gameplay.

Apart from improving and expanding the game, fixing bugs and polishing the game experience even further is of utmost importance to me as well. There are a few known bugs at the moment (absolutely non-game-breaking and very rare - you most likely won't notice any at all!). I want to make the game as polished as possible, squish all the bugs and make the game as comfortable to play as possible.

Why paid game?

I am a lone indie developer who develops VR games in the evening as a hobby. I've developed the game using solely Oculus Quest and an old laptop. Unfortunately, I am hitting a wall in some areas with this setup. My computer is not powerful enough to support Oculus Link. Therefore my debugging and profiling options are quite limited. Because of that, the whole development and testing process are greatly hindered and cumbersome.

I am hoping that with the money collected from your purchase I'll be able to buy a new computer that will support Oculus Link. That would allow me to significantly improve the game development speed, and most importantly would enable me to access Unity's powerful profiler and debugger facilities, that are not available for me without the Link. Some bugs that are present in the game simply cannot be debugged and fixed with just Quest alone. Therefore, by setting a low and affordable price on the game, I hope to collect some finances to increase the quality and speed of my game development, which will result in better, more polished and more enjoyable game(s) for you.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

LaserBlaze.apk 210 MB

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